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Balloons Over Broadway

Image of balloon over broadway

Every year at Thanksgiving Macy's take part in a wonderful parade that showcases their amazing balloons created by puppeteer Tony Sarg. Here we take a look at Balloons Over Broadway the pictorial biography of the man himself that was written and illustrated by Melissa Sweet Melissa Sweet.

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Review of The Red Balloon

Image of a young boy looking up at a red balloon

The Red Ballon is a film classic where a young boy is followed around the streets of Paris by, a magical red ballon! Originally titled Le Ballon Rouge, which of course is the French title, The Red Balloon was released in 1956, while even though it is a mere thirty four minutes long has seen unimaginable success and won critical acclaim throughout the world.

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Up Review

Image of a house floating in the sky with lots of balloons

Up was released in 2009 and is a great example of a timeless animated family film where two generations, young and old come together in a spectacular adventure that has the feel good factor in abundance. Here we take a look at the story plus the characters that blend seamlessly to makePixar's Up a film not to be missed.

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