Up Review

Image of a house floating in the sky with lots of balloons

Up was released in 2009 and is a great example of a timeless animated family film where two generations, young and old come together in a spectacular adventure that has the feel good factor in abundance. Here we take a look at the story plus the characters that blend seamlessly to make Pixar's Up a film not to be missed.

The Story

The plot begins decades before the main adventure, as a boy, Carl Fredrickson meets and falls in love with Ellie who is quite an adventurer with a burning ambition to travel to South America. Life gets in the way for the spirited pair and Ellie unfortunately dies leaving her beloved Carl heartbroken. These scenes are real tear jerkers setting the scene for the heartwarming story that is to unfold.

The story moves ahead by seventy years to find Carl alone as Ellie has passed away, while remembering how he promised her he would one day see South America Carl vows to make the journey alone. Carl who is due to move to a retirement home hits a construction worker over the head accidentally so decides now is the time to ship off. Carl ties hundreds of balloons to his beloved home floating up into the sky with it. Little does he know that he has a stowaway aboard in the guise of a little boy named Russell and so their adventure begins!

Carl played by Edward Asner is one grumpy old chap but this only adds to the charm of the film with his initial annoyance at having a travelling companion very amusing. Carl's face and personality is said to be a combination of the late great Walter Matthau and Spencer Tracy and it works! The two have countless adventures as the house suspended by a huge bunch of multi coloured balloons floats along in the sky heading for South America.

Written and directed by Pete Docter and Bob Petersen Up is full of melancholy but at the same time makes the viewer chuckle which is mainly due to the superb dialogue and character depiction. Eventually Russell played by Jordan Nagai whose, appearance hailed his film debut and Carl reach Paradise Falls the South American destination that Ellie dreamed of visiting long ago. Up won the Oscar for Best Animated Film in 2010 an award that was well deserved. If you haven't yet seen Up you are missing a real treat!

Our Verdict

Up was originally released in 3D but for those of us who have not seen the movie the 2D version available on DVD is superb and misses none of the 3D effects due to the superb animation plus story running throughout the film. Up is a heart warming sentimental tale depicting the generations admirably, while the movie also won Golden Globes and a BAFTA. Pixar came up with a real winner this time with Up a worthy follow on to Toy Story and Monsters Inc.